My Destination

Early 40's. Divorced. Kinda stuck in a career that was okay, but not all that fulfilling. No kids, few ties and looking at the second half of my life and wondering: "What else is out there?"

So, I sold all my worldly belongings, jumped on a plane to Thailand - the Land of Smile, got a TEFL certificate and taught at a Bangkok government high school. And this decision was totally changing my life.

My Journey in the Land of Smiles

After teaching at Bangkok for 9 months, I traveled to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for a two-week stint working at a government-run orphanage in the summer.

In 2 weeks spending in the orphanage, I knew that: If a mother dies during childbirth in remote areas, the baby is left to die because it's too hard to look after. The children's stories were hard to hear. Some had lost parents to HIV or other illnesses.

After school, children made handicrafts such as paper umbrellas, postcards, and accessories. And the children are selling these items to tourists for money to buy notebooks and pens. But sometimes seeking customers take a lot of time so that children couldn’t spend enough time studying.

Then I realized that I could do something for poor children to help them have a better life. So I decided to open Tana Bracelet - helping them sell their products more easily so that they could make better livings and have chances to afford their education.

With that said, we are not only selling accessories, but we are also building a connection between You and these Poor Children. Choose your style, save children’s lives!

My volunteering team

__Tobias Smith__